Linder Products was pioneered in 2008 by the internationally recognized Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Stuart A. Linder.

Receiving medical training from one of the best medical schools in the world, Dr.Linder has served a multitude clientele from over 24 countries across the globe. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and specializes in body sculpting procedures.

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Dr. LinderBand™.
May reduce waist up to 2-1/2 inches

About Us

Linder Products was created by Dr. Stuart Linder, an internationally recognized Beverly Hills
plastic surgeon. Dr. Linder is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast
augmentation and body sculpting procedures. He received his medical training from one of the
most prestigious medical schools in the world and throughout his career has had patients from over
24 countries across the globe. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Linder has received various prestigious
awards including “Best Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills” which he won consecutively for 3 years
 (2007-2010). He has appeared on popular television shows such as The View, E! Television,
Dr.Oz, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Discovery Health, BBC Television and has been featured
]on Star Magazine.

The Linder Products line came about when Dr. Linder realized that there were no suitable
 undergarments he could recommend to his patients to wear after a surgical procedure.
 At the time there were no undergarments that met the needs of his clientele of providing support
] and comfort after a surgical procedure. Most of the creators of these “so-called” post-surgical
 bras did not have a clear understanding of the female form and therefore the bras were not 
suitable candidates to recommend to post-surgical patients. As a result, Dr. Linder, who has
performed many body-sculpting surgeries, took it into his own hands to develop a bra that would
be suitable  for his clients to wear post-surgery and beyond.

The goal of Linder Products was to create high quality undergarments with versatile functionalities that can help women after a surgical procedure. The Dr. LinderBra™ is one of the most popular item in the Linder Products line. When it was first introduced to Dr. Linder’s high profile clientele they immediately loved the Linder Bra and realized that it could be used not just as a post-surgical bra but as a sports bra, sleeping bra, maternity bra and for everyday use. Because of this high demand for the Dr. LinderBra™ it was introduced to the general public for all to purchase.

The Linder Products line currently consists of two products, the Dr. LinderBra™ and the Dr. LinderBand™, but in the next year Linder Products will expand into a full undergarment line. Experience the comfort and versatility  Linder Products have to offer and join the thousands of women that own a Linder Product.