Linder Products was pioneered in 2008 by the internationally recognized Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Stuart A. Linder.

Receiving medical training from one of the best medical schools in the world, Dr.Linder has served a multitude clientele from over 24 countries across the globe. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and specializes in body sculpting procedures.

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Using its patent pending design the Dr. LinderBra™ gives you total support. Its features include:

• Front closure with hidden zipper and clasps.
• Side adjustments will take up to 2 inches around your chest.
• High quality fabric, gives you support without irritation.

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Product Description

What makes the Dr. LinderBra such a versatile undergarment is the fact that even though it was created for women who undergo a surgical procedure, it can be used for many other purposes and for daily use. The Dr. LinderBra is a great option as a sports bra because of the support and comfort it gives you while training, running, exercising or when performing any type of fitness routine. Because the Dr. LinderBra was created to help women throughout their healing process after a surgical procedure, it is very comfortable to wear while doing just about anything. The bra offers the support and compression you need when working out or training. It helps prevent breast movement when performing rigorous exercises which can cause an increase in sagging of the breasts and skin laxity. Workout clothes need to provide your body with support as you perform any type of exercise and while many sports bras fail to offer support the Dr. LinderBra was designed specifically for support and compression of the breasts. No matter what type of fitness routine you practice, the Dr. LinderBra is a great gym wear bra to have for ultimate protection and comfort as you work out. It also prevents you from rubbing or chafing as you exercise and makes it easier for woman’s breast to move around. Most sports bras have the same design in which it has to be slipped in over the head. The Dr. LinderBra, however, was designed with two easy clips in the front which allows the bra to easily zip up and down. It has a sleek hidden zipper that will not bulge out. The Dr. LinderBra is made from the finest materials and offers a sleek look and fit, perfect for wearing alone or underneath clothing. If you participate in physical activities and would like to lessen the impact that these activities have on your chest then the Dr. LinderBra is an excellent choice for you.