Linder Products was pioneered in 2008 by the internationally recognized Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Stuart A. Linder.

Receiving medical training from one of the best medical schools in the world, Dr.Linder has served a multitude clientele from over 24 countries across the globe. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and specializes in body sculpting procedures.

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Karrie Ann

Initially I purchased the Dr. LinderBra to use as a post-surgical bra after I had my breast augmentation. But I've discovered that I can wear it when doing just about anything. I wear it when I go jogging, as an everyday bra and when I sleep. So, not only did it help me after my surgery but it helps me gain support and comfort when performing day to day activities. I love it and can't live without it.


Recently I had been waking up with back pain so I decided to try out the Dr. LinderBra after hearing that it was a good sleeping bra. I have been wearing the Dr. LinderBra to sleep for about a week now and I have not had a single back pain since. I can't see myself without this bra and it has given me a good night's rest once more.


The DrLinderbra fits perfectly! Very comfortable during workouts . Love the adjustability of the side straps and the soft luxurious material


I was first introduced to the Dr. LinderBra by a friend who had a breast surgical procedure done and bought the bra from Dr. Linder's consultation office. I have been using the bra as a sports bra and I have to say that I love the comfort and support that it provides as I exercise. It's not tight and has no underwire so I can stretch and exercise as I please without having any underwire pressing into my body.


The Dr. LinderBra is just amazing the material is unlike anything I have ever seen before. I love the
adjustable straps on the sides. I usually set the bra to the tightest setting when I run at the gym and
when I sleep I put it on the relaxed position. I love how durable the Dr. LinderBra is. Most of the front
zipper bras I have bought make me feel like I am going to bust out of the bra. But the Dr. LinderBra
is so light, with a durable zipper makes me feel like I never have to worry about that issue


I was first introduced to the Dr. LinderBra several months ago. From day one I found it amazingly supportive, comfortable and stylish. The Dr. LinderBra makes me feel put together. In fact, I had to get several because wear it all the time. I love to wear it to the gym and it is also great for work and going out. I LOVE the Dr. LinderBra!


I love the Dr. LinderBra. During my pregnancy I was having a hard time finding a bra that would still fit me while I was growing. A good friend of mine told me about the Dr. LinderBra and I figured I would give it a try. What an amazing product! The bra fit me from a c to d cup and gave me great support.

Even after I had my beautiful baby boy, I still find myself wearing the bra all the time. It is great for when I run around town or am jogging around the block with my stroller. The Dr. LinderBra has been so helpful.


The Dr. LinderBra has been the best thing to happen to me. Prior to wearing the Dr. LinderBra to sleep I use to wake up with intese back pain and horrible cramps. Now after using the bra for over three months I can safely say those days are behind me. Its been a pleasure to know that when I sleep now the only thing that wakes me is my alarm clock and no longer my horrible back pain.


After my surgery I was told that I had to wear a special bra with a front zipper for the first few months.
The bra that I first purchased had an underwire as well as padded cups. The structure of that bra
made it very painful to wear after surgery. When I met Dr. Linder, he gave me the Dr. LinderBra.
From the start it made a really huge difference! It was comfortable, fit well and was easy to put on.
I have replaced all my sports bras with the Dr. LinderBra.